Registration for Leap's 34th Annual Sandcastle Classic is NOW OPEN!                                      

Visit to learn more and register a team today.

WHEN: October 15th, 2016 11AM - 4PM - WHERE: Ocean Beach @ Balboa Ave


The event began in 1983 and quickly became hugely popular. The first fifteen competitions were held at Aquatic Park in San Francisco. Over the years, the Sandcastle Contest became so large that it was moved to the more expansive Ocean Beach, where thousands of spectators each year enjoy this unique opportunity to experience the arts and connect with their community. The Sandcastle Contest is now the largest sandcastle event in Northern California. Teams and sponsors involved in Leap's 2014 Sandcastle Contest raised over $262,000 (an all-time record)! These funds will make it possible for Leap to serve over 6,000 students in 25 schools across the Bay Area with hands-on learning experiences in the arts. Please join us on October 15, 2016 for Leap's 34th Annual Sandcastle Contest! As always, the event will prove to be another exciting competition showcasing the Bay Area's most enthusiastic young minds!

Leap hosts this spirited competition between teams of architects, designers, contractors, corporations, engineers and local elementary school students each October on Ocean Beach. The Sandcastle Contest is a fundraiser to support Leap's arts education programs, but admission is free to the community. Before the event, teams meet with students in the classroom to develop ideas based on a set theme. Plans are finalized, clay models are shaped, team structure and schedules are defined, and tasks are assigned, all in preparation for the big day. On the morning of the event, the teams and students arrive and await the whistle that signals the start of the contest. As soon as it sounds, four hours of intensive building begin. By the end of the day, the beach has transformed into a land of magical creatures and fantastical structures. The teamwork involved in creating these works provides an intense learning experience for both the students and the many sponsors who participate.

Map of Ocean Beach in San Francisco