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Leap's mission is to provide quality arts education programs that help students build skills to reach their fullest potential.  Leap envisions a world where the arts are a fundamental part of every child's education and success. 


According to a compilation of numerous studies on the value of arts in education, there is compelling evidence that students who are involved in the arts show improvement in behaviors, attitudes, and academic performance. Studies also show that the arts benefit all students equally, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. In a national sample of 25,000 students, those with high levels of arts-learning experiences earned higher grades and performed better on standardized tests than those with little or no involvement in the arts. 

Despite the clear evidence that the arts are a valuable component of all students' education, many schools simply do not have the resources to provide students with hands-on, high quality learning experiences in the arts. According to a study on California schools recently published by SRI International, 90% of elementary schools in California fail to provide a standards-aligned course of study across all four arts disciplines. 

With the growth of ethnically diverse populations in the Bay Area, it has become increasingly important to develop teaching methods that help teachers identify and foster a child's most productive means of learning. Leap programs enable children of all different backgrounds and abilities, including English language learners, to grow together on an even playing field. The majority of students served by Leap are under-served, at-risk youth that come from low-income families. 

Once engaged in the arts, children are more likely to develop the discipline, self-confidence and skills necessary to become successful and innovative contributors to society. 

Leap provides these tools with long-term arts residencies individually designed in collaboration with classroom teachers. 

Please review our annual report to see how we positively impact the lives of thousands of students each year. 


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