Amadou Diawara


A native of Senegal, Amadou Diawara began his career in 1992 with the world-renowned West African drum and dance company, Bougarabou. In 1997, Amadou and a group of other artists founded an independent drum and dance company known as Kakilambe. He continued to teach workshops and perform with Kakilambe in and around Senegal until he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in June, 2001. 

The following year, Amadou relocated to San Francisco where he taught drum classes at the African American Art & Culture Complex, and drummed for dance classes at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts. Amadou has performed with Niancho Enyaley's West African drum and dance company based in Los Angeles since 2005.  

In 2007, Amadou implemented an educational rhythm, movement, and creative expression program to teach children in the Bay Area school districts. Amadou has had the privilege of working with organizations that provide artist-in-residency programs such as Leap and San Francisco Arts Education since 2008.

Amadou is director of the West African dance company Bu Falle, which offers in school and after school assemblies and public performances through Youth In Arts in San Rafael and Young Audiences in San Francisco. 

Amadou is energetic, genuine, and excited to share his culture! He believes drumming and dancing knows no boundaries, and feels that the spirit of West African music is intriguing and connects all ages and ethnicities.