Justin Beadle


Justin is a licensed architect with ten years of experience turning strong ideas into meaningful buildings. He is principal at Thing One, an architecture firm dedicated to the belief that powerful architecture is about one thing.

Prior to Thing One, Justin worked at a variety of firms including HiFive, Behnisch Architekten, and Pfau Long Architecture- a Bay Area staple. He has a Master of Architecture from the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, where he earned the Widman Award as the top Architecture Graduate.

Justin has taught in a range of locales from the graduate studio at Washington University to the sands of Ocean Beach, where he has twice led teams of elementary school students to create grand sandcastles in Leap's Sandcastle Contest. He also treasures time with his nieces, nephews and younger cousins, as he loves to watch young minds grow. Whatever the situation, Justin specializes in helping students find a single strong idea that results in a powerful project.