Juli Bronzini



Juli Bronzini knew she wanted to create and teach art since first breaking the rules on her kindergarten art project. There’s a possibility she didn’t hear the teacher’s directions, but there’s also a chance her own creative voice had started to take over her right brain.

A Bay Area native, Juli grew up attending both a Visual and Performing Arts Middle and High School, where she learned the fundamentals of drawing, painting, design, dance, and theatre. At UC Davis, Juli earned a BA degree in two areas of interest, Art Studio and English Literature. She then attended San Jose State University for her teaching credential in Art and English. Juli has interned at the San Jose Museum of Modern Art, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and The Fillmore Arts Center. She has taught both Art and English in Sacramento, San Jose and Los Angeles public schools.

For Juli, creativity fuels her soul and keeps her alive. Art has always been her home and her joy is found in sharing that passion with her students. She believes that art is a place in school and in life, where we can all find a common ground, learn about history, problem solving, the world and one another. In Juli’s free time, she can be found running camping, creating, baking, watching movies, and dancing with her husband and three young, energetic kids. After all, they like breaking the rules too!