Manolo Davila


Manolo Davila was brought up in San Francisco's Mission District, surrounded by art and music. He has been an arts educator, performer and organizer for the past 12 years. Although he was already breakdancing, playing congas, and rapping as a child, it wasn't until later that picking up his father's classical guitar sparked an artistic revolution in his life.

He has performed with groups, such as Mara Reggae, Loco Bloco and SambaAxe. Manolo has studied Afro-Brazilian, Haitian, Cuban, West African and Congolese dance, and has participated in San Francisco's Carnaval Parade for over 20 years. Two years in a row, 2012 and 2013, he competed and won 2nd place in the "King & Queen of Carnaval" competition.

Manolo teaches guitar at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts and plays a wealth of styles and instruments. Along with his brother, he plays in a progressive rock band called "The Next Level". He has also worked extensively with children at Buena Vista Childcare, as Drum instructor for Loco Bloco and Tradicion Peruana; as Summer Camp Counselor at Project Avery; and currently with the YMCA at George Washington Carver Elementary School.

Manolo loves working with young people, and is grateful for the chance to share the same feeling of wonder that he experienced as a child. He believes in the power of music, dance and art to build stronger, more harmonious communities.