Adriana Sanchez



Adriana a Columbian artist and dance teacher who came to work in the U.S in 1999 under Moving Beyond Productions. Since then she has worked with different organizations, including Rainbow Theater at San Francisco State University where she works as a choreographer for the latino theater students class. Adriana also teaches youth programs like Horizons Unlimited, Good Samaritan Family Resource, Loco Bloco, Bay Area Community Resources and Mission Graduates. In addition, Adriana has also taught Afro-Colombian dance to adults and children in different dance studios.

In 2005 she established her dance company “Colombian Soul,” since then has been representing Colombian music and folklore in numerous cultural events in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.

Adriana received a BA in Elementary Arts Education from Colombia. In 2019 she will graduate with her second BA, this time in Dance with a Minor in Music from San Francisco State University.

Adriana’s is adept at utilizing different age-appropriate teaching techniques, while also highlighting information about the origins different dance traditions through storytelling and discussion.

Adriana’s motivation to teach dance derives from the same impulse that led her to her fulfilling dance career. Since the beginning of Adriana’s studies in the performing arts, she have sought to use physical movement to express stories and emotions in innovative ways, and she is a strong proponent of teaching others how to do the same.