Kirah Caminos



Kirah was born in the Lower East Side of New York City and raised by a dancer and musician. Surrounded by an extraordinary array of artists and talent from all over the world, she grew up singing, dancing, playing piano and percussion as well performIng with her parents who were actively involved in artistic communities. She participated in multiple community arts and theater programs from kindergarten through high school and through college.  

Kirah began her teaching artist career almost ten years ago as a way to share her love for music and movement, additionally utilizing her background in social services and nonprofit management. Today she is proud to connect young people to arts education through latin and world partner dance and music.

She is a full-time teaching artist in over 15 schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and has worked as an instructor for several leading performing arts agencies. Kirah is especially passionate about bringing her work to schools in marginalized communities where funding for the arts is a continuous challenge. She is also a member of Afinkao dance company, an Oakland-based Afro-Cuban Salsa performance team that has appeared at several festivals and venues throughout California.